How yoga helps runners: Learning to take it easy


Runners tend to run and they don’t often do much else. If it’s not cardio, if it’s not pumping blood, if it doesn’t involve sweating then it’s not usually something runners tend to do much of. I’ve been there and done that. I’ve been that person that doesn’t want to do an activity if it doesn’t involve sweating, because it’s not really working out and it’s a waste of time. Or so I thought.

Yoga is not cardio and that's okay.

My first time doing yoga I couldn’t do a sun salutation for the life of me. I was not nearly strong enough.

I got stronger. I started lifting, and eventually sun salutations were fine. Most days. But then I couldn’t turn off my brain.

I decided to stretch during savasana. You know that part at the end of class where you’re supposed to just lay there? I couldn’t do that. No way. Waste of time. Or so I thought.

One of the most beneficial things I’ve learned is the importance of relaxing and restoring. It’s not always about sweating or always going hard. There is a point to easing off and taking things slow. Just like there’s a point to those long-slow run days that can seem to be the hardest of them all.

Our bodies are not machines. They need to rest. They need to go easy. They need off days. Even just a few minutes of tuning out can be incredibly beneficial.

Our bodies are not machines

So try changing your mindset and trying a few yoga videos on MVMNT for Athletes – take it easy, be okay with not sweating and working out hard. And if you’re already a subscriber then take a few minutes to tune out at the end of each video. You’ll feel surprisingly more focused afterwards. Sufficient rest is a proven way to make performance gains. You can’t perform at your highest level if you’re not rested and can’t focus.

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