No excuses! Why this online yoga video service for runners is so cheap


People are really good at making excuses for just about anything. I wanted to create this online yoga video service specifically for runners so that every runner has the chance to feel the affects of yoga on their own terms at a price that they can’t turn down. No runner can have any excuse to not try it.

Nobody has to see you practice. Nobody has to know you’re even a subscriber.

That’s the beauty of the yoga classes on MVMNT for Athletes. You can practice as much or as little as you’d like, and you don’t have to feel bad about only practicing once or twice a month because the price is so reasonable.

The videos are created specifically for you, as a runner, to balance out your body from the imbalances running can create. Here’s some of the benefits of cross-training with yoga as a runner:

How Yoga Improves Your Running Performance (3)

  • Improve your posture for better breathing and running efficiency
  • Build core and upper body strength to balance out the lower-body focus of running
  • Increase lower body strength and mobility for a solid running foundation
  • Alleviate tight muscles and joints to help avoid injury
  • Recover faster by improving blood flow and removing lactic acid
  • Increase overall mobility for smoother and pain-free running

What are you waiting for? Subscribe today and start the journey to improve your running performance at

Online yoga for runners videos