Why not just create another Yoga for Runners DVD?

Why not just create another yoga for runners DVD-

How many times have you bought something that you were super excited about and then it just sat there. Maybe you used it right after you bought it, maybe you even used it twice! Or for a full week! But then that was about it. You would look at it thinking, “oh, I should [use/wear/watch/read] that again! I can’t right now, but maybe later . . .” Then it would build with dust, and finally you would put it away.

Out of sight, out of mind.

There is so much value in committing to the MVMNT for Athletes subscription-based yoga for runners service versus buying a one-off DVD or Blu-Ray, and let me tell you why:

I’m going to keep you accountable. I’m your yoga training buddy and I will keep reminding you to commit, even if it’s just once a week for a few minutes. How? Mainly through emails and social networks, but just hang tight, I might have some other ideas up my sleeve.

Your yoga training buddy is finally here

Be in the know. Any time there’s a new video up you’ll be the first to know. Not only that, but there’s lots of fun nuggets of information I include in the videos to keep you knowledgeable (and entertained!)

Keep outdated workout videos out of your home. Raise your hand if you have an old, outdated workout DVD hidden in your media stand. You do. We all do. I dare you to pop that sucker in and actually watch it for a few minutes. I hope that somebody gave it to you as a gift and that you didn’t actually spend your own hard-earned money on it.

Monthly payments. Yes, it’s a very inexpensive monthly rate to join MVMNT for Athletes, but even seeing that small amount on your statement each month will remind you to check in and practice.

Join today to start the journey of feeling the benefits of integrating yoga into your running, not just having the good intentions of doing it by buying a video you’ll never really commit to. Sign up at mvmntforathletes.com.