Top 10 reasons why runners should do yoga classes created exclusively for them

Top 10 reasons why runners should do yoga classes created exclusively for them (2)

It’s a good question. Isn’t all yoga supposed to be good? Why would I (as a runner) need to do yoga classes created exclusively for runners? Well here’s ten reasons why runners should do yoga classes created specifically for them:

1) You won’t waste time or energy doing movements that don’t directly apply to you.
2) You will reap the benefits by doing movements that directly apply to your movement habits as a runner.
3) Your likelihood of getting injured doing yoga is less when you’re not doing risky movements.
4) Runners are competitive! Your chances of pushing yourself into an unsafe range of motion is less likely when you’re surrounded by similar people.

The benefits of doing the yoga videos created for runners on MVMNT for athletes include all of the benefits above, plus:

5) Short on time? No problem. Most of the videos are less than 30 minutes and as short as only two minutes.
6) Curious about the benefits of doing yoga, but don’t really want everyone to know? Cool, nobody has to know.
7) You can practice on the go. As long as you have internet connection you can do videos anywhere on any device.
8) Never fret about choosing the wrong class. If you start then realize you’re not up for it then find a different one.
9) You control the class. It’s a video! Forgot to grab some water? Pause the video and go grab it.
10) You control the environment, atmosphere, music, lighting, who you do the classes with, when you do classes, etc-.

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